Helen Noakes – Yoga Teacher

I completed my yoga teacher training with Gary Carter 12 years ago and it plunged me into a totally new way of teaching yoga!

Helen Noakes

I have been privileged to study with my teacher and mentor Elizabeth Pauntz, and attended seminars with great teachers such as Sandra Sabatini, Diane Long, John Stirk, Monica Voss, Sophie Hoare and Joanne Avison. This has helped me get closer to the direct teaching of Vanda Scaravelli.

I am also directly inspired by Gabrielle Roth and the 5 rhythms dance, Jo Cobbett and Elena Tonetti’s Birth Into Being.

My first taste of yoga was 20 years ago in Melbourne, Australia where I met my first teacher who introduced me to Dr. Iyengas teachings.

Discovering Yoga in the spirit of Vanda Scaravelli offered me firm grounding and gave me the courage to guide others.

“Why are we doing yoga? For health reasons? Perhaps a walk in the park would be better. To help someone else? There are so many ways of helping people…No, nothing of the kind. No motivation, no aims, only an agreeable appointment for the body to look forward to. We do it for the fun of it. To twist, stretch, and move around, is pleasant and enjoyable, a body holiday.” Vanda Scaravelli

What happens in a class with Helen…

  • We normally begin the class with breath awareness exercises and then we explore postures slowly and deeply.
  • Foot work is an important part of the class.
  • Encouraging the body to undo itself from tension in spirals and waves is an integral part of the class.
  • The class is very explorative; it gives you permission and time to slow down and feel your way through the posture with awareness, rather than pushing yourself into shapes with force.
  • I feel nourished by the way classes constantly change.
* Helen Noakes is a registered teacher with IYN. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by IYN.