Designed to deepen your practice, discover creative methods of teaching, awaken the felt sense and understanding of the body’s somatic wisdom.

“From the act of observation in which attention is awakened,
arises the art of teaching.”
– Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga is not a serious practise. It is a practise of healing, exploration and renewal. We will focus on undoing the body and processing towards becoming lighter by responding to the invitation of ground and space around us.

Scaravelli inspired yoga has no methods or set sequences. This approach encourages the practitioner to create a strong relationship to the ground, the breath and to awaken the spine.

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WAVE 1 – October 2020: 23.–25.10. AND 30.10.–1.11.:
Sensing the body – liberating the movement

WAVE 2 – April/May 2021: 30.4.–2.5. AND 7.–9.5.
Internal awareness to outer creativity

Full days all days.

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THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU, who are already a yoga teacher and wishing to deepen your practice and skills. This intensive is beneficial for all ages! We are here to learn from each other. Once graduated, you will receive international IYN 100 h Yoga Certification.

• Awaken body-wisdom through understanding the concept of undoing the body, becoming lighter and
responding to the invitation of ground and breath.
• Encourage movement, teaching and adjusting from a place of kinesthetic knowledge.
• Experiencing waveform and its effect on movement and health. Building intimacy with the breath and its effect on our life.
• Help you feel the subtle spirals in the body that promote ease of movement.
• Feeling the asanas from a sense of whole body physiology and having meditation as an every day practice.
• Raising awareness to pelvic floor and how to include it into your own practice and teaching.
• Enquiry methods for understanding and liberating the stories that affect well-being.
• Sensing the non-doing of the breath as a gateway to feeling connected with nature and existence.
• Bringing creativity and joy into teaching. Finding inspirational tools for expanding every day life.
• Learning the process of yogic methods during pregnancy and postnatal phase and how they affect woman’s yoga practice.
• Creating safe space for off-mat explorations, such as free movement and wall practice.
• Refined marketing tools and encouragement to stand out.

METHODS Contact teaching, group work, partnering, writing, drawing. Our ethos lays in encouraging self awareness, movement and heartful teaching from a place of feeling with an emphasis on personal enquiry and joy!

“Practising yoga is like being on a body holiday”
– Vanda Scaravelli

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Holding a safe space for your exploration, are 4 yoga teachers: Helen Noakes, Rupert Johnson, Meri Mort & Hanna-Mari Nieminen, who all are living in the footsteps of Vanda Scaravelli’s revolutionary yoga work and have found their own voice and emphasis to the teaching.

Helen is passionate about spontaneous, intuitive movement in the form of waves and spirals and includes her love of ecstatic dance into her teaching style. Goa has been Helen’s second home for many years, as well as enjoying leading yoga seminars, teacher trainings and intensives in Europe (already 10 times in Finland!), India and USA. Her passion is sharing this style of yoga that has brought many gifts and learnings to her life.
She also offers trainings in Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure), which has a strong influence on her teaching style.
Helen’s aim is to invite a lightness of being and joy to our movement practice and to encourage others to listen and respond to their intuition with safety and awareness.

Rupert teaches Yoga, Qigong and Kung Fu and is a practitioner of Shamanic Healing in the Toltec tradition. He facilitates movement and meditation retreats and co-created the Shala 142 retreat space in Goa dedicated to music and the healing arts. He also combines body-work with sound vibration. Ru’s passion is helping others find integration and authenticity in their expression. He brings an understanding of water and hydrostatic dynamics, offering others the chance to immerse deeply in their own fluid nature. Helen and Ru co-direct the Yoga Health Mandala LTD trainings.

Meri is a creative teacher who is known to be innovative and wild freedom seeker. Meri is a regular teacher and teacher trainer in Yoga School Shanti and also the organizer of the training. She loves suttle energetic adjustments and partner work in classes. Her main focus is bringing somatic awareness into movements and finding softness and intelligent ways to work around the joints. Her second love is arts and illustrating and she is also an author who gets inspired of tribal connections, womens circles, moon cycles, poetry and free expression.

Hanna-Mari “Hami” teaches yoga on regular basis in Helsinki. Exploration and playfulness are in the core of her way of practicing and teaching yoga as well as micro movements, pranayama and meditation. Hami is specialised in pre- and postnatal yoga and has studied these with several professionals both in Finland and abroad. In addition she works as a doula and teaches birth preparation classes. As a mother of three children Hami has a lot of experience of a down-to-earth everyday yoga practice.

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Before first of September 2020 (1.9.2020). You will receive a question form via e-mail. Once you are selected for the training, you will receive an invoice for the pre-payment.

There are already so many people coming that we can gladly say that this training will take place!

Price: 2150 € (including Finnish VAT 24%)
Payment in 3 parts:
1) Pre-payment: 550 € as you enroll (no refund).
2) Before 1.5.2020: 1000 €
3) Before 1.9.2020: 600 €
Location: Yoga School Shanti, Helsinki, Finland

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