Yoga and Chavutti Thirumal with Helen Noakes
20-25th May – 2021
£645 per person (Fully Catered)

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In this wonderful retreat Helen Noakes and Caroline will be joining forces to deliver you a fantastic combination of yoga and Chavutti Therimal Massage.

The morning classes will be dynamic with the chance to explore your own body and the perceived edges we have that change constantly. Yoga is an ongoing deep experience of the physical and the mental body in connection with our environment. We will invite you to dance between them, re discovering interconnections between mind and body. The postures are unique frameworks to get to know your body

The afternoon classes will be a chance to relax and restore the body to deep dimensions. Using lots of bolsters and blankets and pillows will shall sink into new levels of relaxation. Enabling the body to become still and replenish the muscles and deep tissue and feeling into the qualities of our spine. Letting the mental chatter of the mind slowly switch off and drift to an almost dream like state. Allowing peace to drift into the mental and physical domains and resting there for a while.

Chavutti Thirumal or Massage by foot pressure is an ancient technique originating from Kerala, South India. It is unique as it is given using the feet to massage the body whilst holding a rope for balance attached to 2 walls for balance.

This deep and flowing bodywork gives the client the feeling that tension is being ironed out of them! Receiving this style of massage is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, it also has the same benefits as attending a yoga class.

Each participant will get one treatment as part of the fee to experience this wonderful therapeutic massage. If time allows then more sessions will be available to book on demand.

Using yoga and Chavutti together in this wonderful setting will really give you the chance to work deep into the physical body releasing tension and strains from everyday life and you will leave feeling like you have a whole new body.

Yoga/Accommodation Price Breakdown

The price shown comprises the accommodation cost (£495.00) plus the yoga teacher’s fee (£150.00). This is the total cost of your retreat. When you book this retreat you pay only for the accommodation and you pay the yoga teacher separately when you arrive here. Keeping these payments separate allows us to keep costs to a minimum.

Yoga and Chavutti Thirumal with Helen Noakes
Helen is a nomadic yoga teacher inspired by the teachings and students of Vanda Scaravelli with Elizabeth Pauncz (one of Vanda’s students) as her mentor and guide. She completed Gary Carter’s first teacher training in 2002 which was hugely transformative. Helen also offers trainings in Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure), which has a strong influence on her teaching style.

Goa has been her second home for many years, as well as enjoying leading yoga seminars, teacher trainings and intensives in Europe, India, USA and Scandinavia. She co-directs a collaborative company called The Yoga Health Mandala. She is passionate about spontaneous, intuitive movement in the form of waves and spirals and includes her love of ecstatic dance into her teaching.

Helen’s aim is to invite a lightness of being and joy to our movement practice and to encourage others to listen and respond to their intuition with safety and awareness. Scaravelli-inspired yoga has no methodology or set sequences. This approach encourages the practitioner to create a strong relationship to the ground, the breath and to awakening the spine.

“To follow the way the spine functions during this process of breathing is of the greatest interest. The wave of expansion while exhaling, originating from the spine, is the basis of our teaching”

~ Vanda Scaravelli