Never regret!

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Steve Bracken recently posted this nice article on his Facebook page 'Mandala Health.' I am part of the Mandala Health team and together we are facilitating a teacher training in Goa. You can never regret travelling and learning more! Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed [...]

Vogue December 2013

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        I was so delighted to be featured in Vogue's December 2013 edition about Goa, India. I will be teaching a month long Scaravelli Inspired Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in northern Goa February 2014. Please click here for more details!

8 Foods That Food Experts Won’t Eat

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Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals–and simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health. Experts from different areas of specialty explain why they won’t eat these eight foods. Clean eating means choosing fruits, vegetables, and meats that are raised, grown, and sold with [...]

Bending and Twisting Back Pain

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The Yard-work Syndrome by Erik Dalton, Ph.D. As winter approaches and leaves begin cluttering the yards, I begin to see more clients complaining of bending and twisting back pain. In most people, the lumbar spine and sacrum are pretty stable during forward bending and lifting, but not so when sidebending [...]

Insights into Vanda Scaravelli

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By Phil Catalfo Though she came to yoga later in life, her subsequent 50-year practice and teachings have made a profound impact on hatha yoga. The daughter of artistic Italian parents, wife of a professor of philosophy, and an accomplished pianist, Vanda Scaravelli was accustomed throughout her life to meeting [...]

Yoga Alliance Teacher Interview

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Now I am a registered Senior Yoga Teacher and conducting a certifiable Yoga Alliance teacher training they wanted to get to know me more, here is a little interview...

A Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Goa 2014

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The Immersion (February 2014, Goa, India) with Helen Noakes, Steve Bracken, Rupert Johnson   Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, the Immersion Teacher Training imparts a strong foundation in the core elements of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. You will learn to teach yoga safely and [...]

Why I’m Not Interested In Having A “Cool” Yoga Practice

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Yoga is more than just asana, below is a great article from MindBody Green by Octavia Raheem on why he should feel and not strike a pose. -Helen   My body doesn’t fit into lotus pose right now. I usually do shoulder stand with a lot of support.   When [...]

Change is challenging!

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Thought for the day : "If it doesn't challenge you, It won't change you"