All good things must pass, and it was a fond farewell I said to the breathtaking Florida coast and the wonderful women I had spent some quality Chavutti time with. Now I was heading to Miami, 6 hours from St.Petesburg, and decided to be a little outrageous and hire a black Camaro and drive on a solo adventure!



I was in the land of BIG and on the way saw a spectacular sunset. Florida boasts amazing coastline and incredible contrasting nature. Terri from Touch Massage was my host in Florida and we now have our first 3 Chavutti massage bodyworkers in the USA.



I was driving to Miami to meet my good  friend Sahar Lua, to fly to Brazil to teach her yoga for 12 days in Alto Pariaso. This is her blog site. More coming about Brazil in the next blog!


Some would say you should never look back, but after such an amazing time I can’t help but reflect on what a fabulous trip I have had so far. I can’t wait to return to these shores next year for some more adventures.


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