Chavutti Thirumal Massage – Helen’s Interpretation


The technique was developed for maintaining suppleness in the body and for treating pain and swelling caused by combat. It is however, equally suitable as a treatment for those not involved in regular or strenuous physical exercise and wishing to maintain their own fitness and well being. It is based on the precise knowledge of the body”s energetic channels “nadis” or the merdian lines.

Using the feet gives the client the feeling that tension is being ironed out of them! Receiving this style of massage is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, it also has the same benefits as attending a yoga class.

Chavutti remains one of the milestones in my journey as a bodyworker. I began this journey with Claire Maxwell-Hudson in 1995 when I graduated in Swedish massage. I became acquainted with Chavutti Thirumal in Kerala in 1998 training with Veejay and Padma Nair. Almost immediately, I was hooked by this unique style, practising regularly, even while I attended courses in deep tissue, hot stones and holistical medical massage with The Jing School of Massage.

The post graduate full training course I offer is not just a translation of what I learned, it is a fusion of all my experiences as a bodyworker, drawing from the various styles of massage that I have learned. I have spent four years adding my personal flavour and experience to this training and making it a fusion suitable for Western practitioners.

The course is filled with lightness and enjoyment. Punctuality, honesty and dedication are essential to the course, along with plenty of smiling!

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