This is a post graduate course. It will be a valuable addition to any bodyworker’s repertoire. I know you’ll walk away from this course with the ability to give a well rounded and balanced bodywork session.

Course details and requirements


The full course is a post-graduate-level training and to attend you would be required to hold one of the following qualifications or have relevant experience:

  • An anatomy and physiology qualification such as I.T.E.C.
  • A massage or bodywork qualification.
  • Yoga/dance/nursing training or experience

The course provides around 50 to 60 hours of tuition broken down to an average of 4 to 6 hours per day. The course includes a combination of theory, practical and case studies.

On This Course, You Will Be…

  • Learning the sequence of moves incorporating some advanced massage techniques.
  • Fusing deep tissue work and breathing techniques.
  • Learning protection techniques allowing full conservation of your energy whilst you are giving treatments.
  • Embarking on 3 case studies where you will be practising on clients.
  • Taking consultations and progressive notes.
  • Receiving massages from the teacher.
  • Given certification after completing the final massage with the teacher.
  • Discussing business and marketing of your services as a qualified Chavutti practitioner.
  • Receiving continued support and constructive feedback.

Please bring comfortable clothing – rope and oils will be provided.


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