Anatomy Books

Albinus on Anatomy

Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (1697 – 1770) was a German-born Dutch anatomist whose drawings are incredibly accurate even today.

The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman

A glorious, unparalleled view of the human body.

Awakening The Spine

Awakening The Spine by Vanda Scaravelli

Stress Free Yoga for Health, Vitality and Energy by Vanda Scaravelli. Yoga is an integral part of the course as it helps incorporate body awareness and body mechanics when practicing and training in Chavutti. It is imperative all students understand a range of grounding techniques utilising the breath and awareness of the spine. This will all be covered in the course but the following books will provide you with a solid foundation to start from.

Post course tips:

Majestic Towels and Disposables

For disposable underwear for men and for women. Easy and practical and tested by the chavutti family! We like them!

Futon Pacifika

This is a great website offering reasonably priced massage mats and futons. Comes highly recommended by a friend and chavutti bodyworker Steve Mason.