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Like the roots of a tree our bodies need to continually be grounded. Authentic movement comes from the earth through the body. Then our spine will responsively spiral itself to happiness!

Ideally yoga can be easy, when we surrender to gravity and listen to the body’s natural responses. It can therefore require effort and focus. At times it’s confrontational and challenging. Exactly why it can be fun as well as stimulating.

I encourage myself and others to create body awareness and consequently release hidden tension through spiralling movements.

‘Movement is the song of the body.’
~ Vanda Scaravelli


What Happens on a Yoga Weekend Seminar or Retreat?


  • Everyone at any level of yoga practice is welcome.
  • Every seminar is specifically tailored to the level and energy of the group.
  • Individual adjustments and alignments will be given along with tools for postural awareness.
  • Breathwork, foot opening exercises and self massage techinques will be explored.
  • Soulful, joyful movement will be encouraged alongside blissful and uplifting music!

‘Yoga is an effortless dance with breath and gravity’
~ Vanda Scarvelli


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